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The energy body

A body outside the body

The concept of a ‘body outside the body’ can help the development of mental force and cleansing the body of negative factors. During a Taiji exercise it is always the intention to open the body and let it grow. In order to do this one relaxes and stretches – simultaneously – all the joints. In order to open the joints sufficiently it is important to place the mental concentration far away. as far away as possible. This is where exercises such as ‘pushing to the horizon’ or pushing to the sky’ come from.

The combination of opened joints and a mental direction produces a reaction in the body: negative factors are put into motion and are pushed outward. As the body becomes purer (more free of blockages) over time, an internal force is created. This force opens the joints and follows the mind in its direction, as well as extending beyond the body.

This process makes the ‘energy body’ of the practitioner grow. The physical body is limited but the combination of body posture and mental force has an unlimited growth potential. Practising standing exercises together with the form develops the energy body which can approach the size of the cosmos (make contact with the cosmos). This has a positive effect on a person’s health and can awaken special functions. The bigger the energy body becomes the better.

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